I am not a Music Teacher nor a student. I am attempting to learn ear training on my own and these pages are a result of that endeavor.
I've learned to play guitar from various teachers over the years (as a hobby) and find this subject both confusing and interesting. I am documenting my progress as I try to make heads or tails of this subject. I have not had any formal training in ear training. I have not even looked at any of the many CD's etc. on the subject.

My ability is probably that of a "Professional Beginner". I have played off and on over the years, having been sidelined for various reasons. I started at age 13 when I took lessons for a Summer at a local Music School in a Group class. When that class ended I did not continue on with private lessons, though I did have the option. None of my friends were staying on so I didn't either. I did however learn to read the scale and some chords. About 10 years later I decided to take it up again at another local Music School. Went through all the basics again, and surprisingly I remembered a lot of it. Went further with these lessons however. Was at the point of starting barre chords and playing in other positions when I was sidelined by 3 broken bones in my right wrist. It was two years before I picked up the guitar again. This time it was to see what I could do. I soon found that I could not hold a guitar pick, so I used my fingernails. I tried a thumb pick but that was useless. I started taking Classical Guitar at a local College. This class was a blessing because there was a lot of finger picking, no picks. The time I might have spent learning theory was spent on finger picking exercises to get my right hand to relearn everything, along with its disabilities. The classes were about 10 weeks and were as good as private lessons because I was the last student standing, all the others had dropped out. A year later I took classes at the Guitar Workshop in Boston. Folk songs and tablature, and more finger picking. I've taken classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. I've also taken private lessons with one Teacher who could write down the song from listening to the record. He moved out of state. Took another series of private lessons from a Jazz Musician working mainly on theory. This was a Summer Class as I had gone back to college. So I was sidelined a bit by college. Four years of homework did't leave much time for learning music, but I did still practice what I knew. Took two more adult education courses after college. Then I broke my leg and was sidelined for another year. I was non-weight bearing and just couldn't handle the pain of trying to sit up with a guitar. Now I'm starting again and having to relearn all that I know, or knew. As I began to look at ear training there were too many concepts coming at me at once, so I decided to put it down on these pages, where I could refer to it and not have to worry about where I put that notebook or those pages, had I writtin it down by hand. So it you come by here, I hope you understand that this is a personal endeavor and not carved in stone. I am open to any comments or corrections anyone who reads these pages may have.


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