1.Keys to the Octave
  2.Steps to the Octave
  3.Triad and Tritone
  4.Simple Intervals Table
  5.Compound Intervals Table
  6.Intervals at a Glance
  7.Listening By Song
  9.Working with Tetra-chords
10.Major and Minor Scales
11.Picking Exercises
12.Picking Patterns
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Chord Generator
Key Signatures
Guitar Tuner
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Tab Generators
Welcome to my web site. If you are new to ear training these pages may be helpful in opening the door for you. They are not a structured course on the subject but rather my own search through this subject. I have written down my thoughts as I tried to study the art of ear training and have kept those thoughts just as they are. There are pages of theory interspersed with my exposure to those theories and for those who would like to focus on just the theory/tables I have put those up on separate pages for printing.
First let me explain the outline of this site. On the left side bar there are all the sections, 12 in all. On the subsequent pages this list will appear in number form only, without the headings. However you can always click the home button on the bottom of the page to return to the home page.

Lastly, learning to listen is a time consuming and boring task, that seems impossible at first. It helps to have some concept of the theory that goes along with it. If your like me, you like to have something to gain from the experience of studying a web site for hours, and come away having learned something that you can apply in a reasonably short time. So I have included some finger-picking patterns in the last section, which only apply to ear training in that you might recognize a pattern if you hear it in a song. Not all guitarists use picking patterns I know, but I hope you can appreciate the sounds they produce in folk and pop music, as well as classical and some riffs you might hear in rock. I have also included sheet music for printing, as well as chord and tab generaroe tools you can use to print out materials to help with your studies. This site was first written in 2005 and I have decided to upgrade it, leaving the majority of it intact with mostly cosmetic and technical changes. Again thank you for stopping by.

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